Loch Kishorn

By: stubertpics

Jun 15 2008

Category: Landscape, Scotland

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Camera: EOS 5D
Lens: EF 217-40mm L @ 17mm
Exposure: 30″ @ f/14, ISO 100
Filters: ND .9
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Picture Notes

In fact this is part of a Panorama – I have not had time to stitch them together…
Sunset had gone and I was heading back home – but not without checking a couple of locations along the way. Dusk is indeed a fantastic time for photography even if it does mean more noise in the picture (you’ll have to trust me, but if you zoom into the dark regions it’s noticeable).
But I like the dreamy look of this shot – and as it was not particularly windy then to get the blurred look on the clouds means longer exposures and hence the noise. The long exposure was also required to get the glass texture on the water – the tide was in and there was not huge amounts of movement in there either.

Improvements? Of course! The main change, which perhaps a slightly earlier shot would have achieved (1/2 hour) would have been to lighten the woods on the right hand side. Doing this in PP would just bring out the noise and spoil the picture. The silhouette effect is a little too much on this side. Perhaps in the panorama it will be take less of the frame and thus reduce the impact.

Processing Notes:

  • LR: Boosted Exp. by 1.24 to help combat the long exposure
  • LR: Medium Tone curve (S). Mediun Contrast
  • LR: High Vibrance (36)
  • CS3: Shrunk for web output
  • CS3: Minor sharpening
  • CS3: Some Dodge & Burn on clouds.